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Paper Piece is a eco friendly handmade brand created by Israeli artist Emilie Fatel.Emelie Fatel

Paper Piece jewelry created from paper and sterling silver using unique filigree technology from Renaissance period. Paper Piece jewelry are durable as plastic and light as paper. The paper is coated with a hypoallergenic varnish that hardens and protects the jewelry from all weather conditions (including rain). The sterling silver combined with swarovski crystals enhances the quality of the piece.

Paper Piece home decor will add colorful and stylish touch to your home and can be unique gift for your beloved.

You will find one year warranty certificate inside a gift box for all Paper Piece designs.

No mass-production – every item is originally designed by Emilie Fatel at her personal art studio. If you buy Paper Piece jewelry or decor you can be sure that you own an unique piece of art.

Why Paper Piece?

* High-quality handmade product
* Made by unique filigree technology
* Hypoallergenic
* Vegan
* Eco-friendly
* Lightweight
* Created by single artist, no manufacturing

All Items are wrapped in a beautiful gift box.

You welcome to our workshops and classes where you can learn this amazing technique. We will create cards, pictures, three dimensional figures and etc. The classes suitable for adults and children (from 7 years old) and it could be enjoyable time for you and your friends. You can read more about master classes in my blog:  http://paperpiece.com/category/blog

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact Paper Piece at any time.

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